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AFS Changing

The Landscape

A company gains a reputation for excellence, but there are people within a company that improve and maintain that reputation.

Affiliated Financial Services (AFS) , recognize the complexities and competitiveness of today’s market.

The result, is a Canada Wide sales force with experience that is far greater than the 25 years of its’ leaders in the leasing sector.

Whether in the Atlantic Provinces, Eastern or Western part of the Country, we have sales representatives in all Provinces to provide you with a top of the line customer experience.

What AFS adds to this experience, is a corporate culture dedicated to provide you with accurate, honest and a quick response time, which results in lasting relationships.

AFS, unlike most equipment leasing companies, take pride in each financing transaction for both the vendor or customer’s individual needs, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary they may be.
The sales team at AFS makes this process efficient, effective and, more often than not, innovative.

Let one of our specialists discuss the many options we can provide your company.

The AFS Advantage

AFS provides an alternative to bank-owned lease financing companies and is well positioned to provide capital equipment for customers and equipment vendors looking for the speed, flexibility and asset knowledge that only an independent leasing partner can provide.
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